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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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national captioning institute >> first that 6:00, an exclusive, one of the victims of a burglar who struck two northeast washington holmes speaks about her ordeal. one of the homes was the parents of d.c. councilmember muriel bowser. pern each case, the thief tended to be a cable repair man to get access to the house. a the thief pretended to be cable repair man to get access to the house. jennifer donelan has the story. >> we have new video justin from metropolitan police. this is new video of the imposter who targeted at least two homes in north michigan park. >> we started a journey on the doorsteps. >> the parents of city
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wereilwoman muriel bowser the victims of an imposter who -- who stole from them. >> my family was no different than other families who were victimized. >> it appears her 78-year-old father and 75-year-old mother were the first targets yesterday morning in northeast. their home surveillance video shows him walking to the house. he told the family he was with comcast. once inside, he asked them to turn in the next room. he stole their cell phones and a wallet. we spoke exclusively with the next victim, a retired 75-year-old woman who lives three blocks away. >> he said i'm the cable guy from comcast. >> she said he looked familiar and he knew her name, so she agreed to let him fix the outdoor light. she went downstairs to turn off the power. >> my neighbor next door came
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over. >> her neighbor was concerned after he saw the imposter outside. >> he said he would be back. >> the fake cable guy was gone, and so was her wallet. >> i said, oh, my god, how could he? >> i'm outraged anytime somebody is preying on citizens, especially senior citizens. >> we now know of at least one other person, an elderly man, who was also disabled who he also approached. d.c. police scouring the cases to see if there any evidence or anything similar. if you ran into this man, call the d.c. police. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. light details coming to about a communications breakdown during the shooting rampage at the navy yard. 12 people died in the shooting last september before a police officer shot and killed the gun man, aaron alexis.
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details of the report was the guard locked himself inside a more thanaccess to 10 live camera feeds in the building. the guard reportedly never contacted the police. manyesponding officers from various agencies were also unab to communicate on the same radio channel. other radios transmitted a cousin of the buildings architecture. the report includes several recommendations including training for operations in confined areas and the use of smaller tactical weapons. >> one week every woman with struggle to death in alexandria, the police are asking for your help. the woman was found dead last friday inside her apartment on derby court. now investigators are asking anybody who had contact with her in the past six months to get in touch with the police. the victims sister told jeff goldberg she lost much more than a sibling. we lost our mom. she is my mom.
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she takes care of my kids. >> i don't know how this kind of thing can happen. i'm at a loss of words. >> the police have not named a suspect. they say the woman spent all of her time either at church, working at a café in falls church, or at home in alexandria. >> u.s. park police are looking for a person of interest in a sexual assault in georgetown. they say this man may have information about the april 1 attack. a woman told police he was walking near the georgetown waterfront when a man approached from behind, forced her to the capital crescentrail, and assaulted her. the police released a sketch of the suspect, including a tattoo on the back of his left hand showing the letter "n" and several stars. >> a growing budget shutdown -- the d.c. government as mayor vincent gray vetoed three ot says are unfair. among them, the controversy all
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so-called yoga tax. sam ford has more on what the mayor once changed. >> he wants to change a lot. the d.c. council is scheduled to meet for the last time before the summ recess monday. the mayor wants them to tear out much of the budget they passed 12-1 and start again because he vetoed their budget today. >> it also makes us look like a city that will tax anything in sight. >> mayor vincent gray, lame duck after his primary defeat in april, not the council budget is unfair to the elderly, and imposing new taxes on government pension, rejecting his plan to eliminate property tax for longtime homeowners over age 70. >> we are trying to ma sure that people are not driven out of their homes when they want to stay in the district. >> councilmember tommy wells says he will vote to sustain the veto. >> i think he is in a position
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where he cannot support the budget. >> phil mendelson accused the mayor and council member -- >> there is broad tax relief in whether a low income worker or middle-class citizen or a wealthy individual. >> theayor also complained about cuts to the streetcar program, saying it would set them back years. the mayor does not like the tax on gym memberships. >> we would be happy to sit with the council for up to 30 days. >> i tried six times to reach him and he was unavailable to talk, which i think was very unfortunate because i think where we are right now is not a good place for the district. i'm hopeful the council will override the veto monday. >> anticipating this was going to come up, the council chairman scheduled a vote, put it on the agenda. he said it will be an up or down
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vote on everything. will the mayor be able to get an additional four votes from the 13 council members? that remains a question. i know a number of council members who are normally willing to talk were avoiding me today. live from the john wilson building, sam rd, abc 7 news. >> arlington county's propose streetcar line is getting a funding boost from the state, an additional 65 million dollars. the streetcars will run from skyline in fairfax county to potomac yard another jittery. the pledge of additional funding means the state would pay for millionlf of the $333 project and accelerate the timetable by at least a year because the funds will come from the state rather than the federal government. inside one- a look of the u.s. immigration detention facilities overflowing with children. >> plus, what is so unique about the maryland state police new k-9 unit?
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>> and the united sends a warning to israel. >> a beautiful weekend ahead, the temperatures warm up. the forecast coming up. you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo.
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so why are we so obsessed with turbo? because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat. and also in the fun-to-drive jetta. in fact, volkswagen has sold more turbos than a other brand over the last ten years. that is a lot of turbo. hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 passat s for $219 a month. >> more than 100 palestinians
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are dead in the israeli airstrikes against gaza. hamas fired more than 40 rockets. iron domes the defense system intercepted about a quarter of those rockets. israeli officials say the counter attacks against hamas are justified. government of israel is taking the action it needs to take in order to achieve the goals of our operation which is to restore peace. top human rights official says the attacks on violate international law against targeting civilians. >> maryland state police have a new tool to sniff out people carrying explosives. k-9cy graduated four new units specially trained to detect person-borne explosives, which would include suicide bombers. it's the first in the state of
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maryland. way --, a big change to to the way the department of home and security is targeting the immigration crisis on the border. >> and cooler temperatures are on the horizon. free-agent domino has fallen, lebron james announcing he is going back to cleveland. sports is coming up.
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>> the republican chairman of the house appropriations committee says that president obama's 3.7 billion other request for the border crisis is too expensive. >> the comments come as the home and secretary -- homeland security crisis took a firsthand look at the crisis on the border. here's the latest from new mexico. >> homeland security secretary jay johnson back on the southern border friday, looking at a federal law enforcement training center turned holding facility, housing some of the undocumented families overrunning the nation's immigration system. >> this facility represents the
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proof that we intend to and we will send people back who come into the rio grande valley sector illegally. >> this is one of several facilities being used by the feds to handle the overflow from border patrol processing facilities. secretary johnson' included a stop in south texas, the busiest crossing point for people on their journey noh. the authorities seeing new signs of robbers. a spokesperson for customs and ntrol said the relocation has decreased the backlog in texas. the busing of immigrants to san diego one paul's for now. the ongoing search for a solution heavy on the mind of senator john mccain, who is back in his home state of arizona hoping to keep the focus on communities at the border. >> 90,000 children coming to our rder, seeking asylum. it has to be stopped, and it has
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to be stopped immediately. >> senator mccain introducing new legislation to address the crisis. back on the border, people keep crossing, fueling the debate. beautiful, beautiful day today. i think everybody enjoyed it. >> a nice break from the thunderstorms the past few days. >> are things going to change? will, monday and tuesday. outside right now, a lot of people heading to rehoboth beach. the live camera, the weatherbug network, a good deal of sunshine. looks like a pretty nice weekend. the temperature 80 degrees tomorrow, middle 80's sunday. a chance of pop-up thunderstorms. less than 20% chance. atthis hour, 84 degrees reagan national, the dew point level still comfortable, 64. the wind out of the southeast at eight. the scoreboard, a high today of
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89 degrees. set back in 1988. 85 bethesda, high of 88. 81 degrees at children's hospital in the district. 81 degrees in springfield. aretemperatures comfortable, lower to middle 80's across much of the area. quantico at 83, winchester 82. as we widen the view, the cooler, drier air to the north, the upper peninsula of michigan, 71 degrees. tuesday could be looking at highest only in the upper 40's, lower 50's, well to the north. the satellite radar, high pressure will bring comfortable conditions overnight. a bright full moon later tonight. tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine, a chance of a passing shower, less than 20% chance. outside right now, the temperatures -- the cloud cover
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beginning to dissipate as we move through the evening. the futurecast looks like this, as we move through the overnight into the day tomorrow come a good deal of sunshine, daytime highs eventually into the middle to upper 80's. a beautiful day sunday, the wind changing direction out of the south and west. the humidity will increase, daytime highs approaching 90 degrees. if that is not hot enough, monday we are talking about 95. a cold front off to the west will bring us the strong and severe thunderstorms late monday and into tuesday. scatred clouds overnight, patchy fog well west of the district, middle 60's, lower 70's. tomorrow, the rest of the week and come it looks nice, upper 80's the high saturday. sunday about 90 degrees. ,0% chance of a thunderstorm stronger storms likely late monday into tuesday. may cause localized flooding with heavy downpours, gusty wind. the cap wednesday, high of 80 degrees. at is about 10 degrees below
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average this time of year. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. boy oh boy, why did i leave ohio? what lies yonder? >> for several million dollars -- i'm coming home, simply put. andays it all, lebron james the people of northeast ohio. when he left cleveland four years ago to go to south beach, cavalier fans burned lebron james jerseys in the streets. it's fair to say that none of them believed they would see this day, the day that lebron decided to come back to play for the cavaliers. citing family considerations and his love for his hometown, james today explained his decision. as many is to win titles as possible, no question. what is most important for me is
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bringing one trophy back to northeast ohio." and more dominoes begin to fall. with the lebron leaving, multiple reports that chris bosh has returned -- has turned out an offer to leave miami for houston. he will reportedly stay with the heat and sign a five-year, $118 million contract. now that lebron has committed to the cavaliers, the minnesota timberwolves forward is intrigued by day dia of being traded to cleveland and would agree to a long-term deal with the team. the cavs have reportedly offered to players and a first round pick in exchange for the three-time all-star who averaged 26 points, 12 rebounds last season. and the next big free-agent prize, carmelo anthony. many say now that lebron has announced, anthony will soon reveal who he will sign with. sources close to anthony say i come down to chicago -- sources close to anthony say it comes
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down to chicago or he may re-sign with the knicks. the wizards have their own free agent. has a lotevor ariza of suitors. just -- they are give me a headache. butecision yet for ariza, now that lebron has signed, it should heat up, no pun intended. the team really needs ariza back in washington. >> trevor is one of the players that we would like to have back. he is experienced, his land, his quickness, his ability to do shoot threes. he is very important to our team. >> like a beard. >> you want to grow one. >> the nationals in
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philadelphia, the last series before the all-star break. they will be without ian desmond. he was hit in the hand by a pitch last night in their loss to the orioles. x-rays are negative, but don't be surprised if the nats keep them out the entire series to keep him safe. and d.c. united on the west coast to take on the san jose earthquake. game time is 11:00 our time. yourlot of zeros in reporting tonight. >> none of them coming my way.
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>> we enjoyed today. tomorrow, repeat it more humidity, but at least it will not rain. middle to upper 80's. 90 degree sunday. we crank up the heat and humidity monday. i have concerns about the strong cold front moving through late monday night into tuesday. likely to bring severe weather to the mid-atlantic. we could have localized flooding behind it. 80 degrees on wednesday. >> abc world news is next. >> have a good weekend.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, return of the king. basketball's biggest star, lebron james. the 6'8" player announces he's going back to cleveland. and shutdown, two labs at the cdc after another mistake with a dead lly virus. and willie nelson, another number one album. but do you remember when he started? you'll hear it, because he's our person of the week. a good evening to you on this friday night. the king is coming